MobileMonkey vs Botsify : Which One is the Right Chatbot Builder for you?

Mobilemonkey and Botsify are two of the most popular chatbot builders out there. Both of these chatbot builders are designed to help you offer amazing customer support on various platforms. 

So, if you’re planning to build a chatbot, I’m sure you might have come across the question – MobileMonkey or Botsify? 

The two chatbot builders differ a lot in terms of WHAT they can offer and WHO should use them. So, there’s no simple answer to which one is better and it will really depend on your business requirements. 

To make it simpler for you, we have evaluated both MobileMonkey and Botsify based on their features, ease of use, marketing capabilities, customer support, and pricing. 

As a result, we decided to write this comprehensive MobileMonkey vs Botsify review that’ll help you determine which chatbot builder best suits your needs. 

MobileMonkey vs Botsify Overview 

MobileMonkey and Botsify are two very different chatbot builders in terms of their features and user-experience. They have different learning curves and share some basic features like drag-and-drop builders, pre-built templates, etc. 

MobileMonkey is one of the most reputed chatbot builders out there that most creators use to build AI chatbot on Facebook. While it also allows you to create SMS bots and native web chat bots, it primarily focuses on Facebook bots. 

On the other hand, Botsify also offers Whatsapp Bots in addition to Facebook, SMS, and web chat bots. Unlike MobileMonkey, Botsify isn’t laser-focused on Facebook, but it is definitely a feature-rich chatbot builder that allows you to create, customize, and launch your chatbot without any hassle.  

Both Mobilemonkey and botsify offer built-in features to boost your customer support through conversational forms, live chat takeover, and many other features. 

Ease of Use

MobileMonkey is an easy to use platform that allows you to build a chatbot within just a few steps. You can create a dialogue for your chatbot so that when your contacts start a conversation on your Facebook page, they can easily communicate their questions/queries. 

MobileMonkey offers a wide variety of widgets that you can add to your chatbot including image, text, form, attachment, GIF, quick questions, tags, navigation, video, messenger opt-in, etc. 

So whether you want to redirect your user to a specific link or ask them a multiple-choice question to answer them better, MobileMonkey lets you do it all. 

The good thing is that you can preview your chatbot in your Facebook page as you design it. This allows you to test the flow of your chatbot, making it easier for you to optimize conversations between your brand and users. 

When it comes to Botsify, the user interface is a little less intuitive and it has a higher learning curve as compared to MobileMonkey. However, it comes with a library of 24 pre-built chatbot templates that might be useful for creating bots in specific industries such as hospitals, travel agencies, restaurants, etc. 

Once you select a bot template, Botsify gives you a hands-on checklist with the activities that you need to do while building your first chatbot. Plus, you can test the chatbot within the interface to see the conversation flow and ensure it is well-optimized. 

While it is still easy to set up a chatbot in botsify using its pre-built templates, the lack of a visual flow builder might be a dealbreaker for many creators. 


Ease Of Use Verdict

Overall, MobileMonkey is much easier to use as compared to Botsify. It has an intuitive and modern interface which makes it easy for beginners and pros alike to build and launch their chatbot within minutes. On the contrary, it might take some time to get used to Botsify’s UI. 


MobileMonkey is a feature-rich chatbot builder that offers just the right tools you might need to build, optimize, and launch your chatbot. 

 One of the best features of MobileMonkey is its OmniChat technology that allows you to write a single chatbot funnel that works seamlessly across multiple messaging platforms. So you don’t have to invest your time and effort into writing the same dialogue multiple times for different platforms. 

What’s more is MobileMonkey allows you to capture lead information on first contact. It includes the name, location, and the ability to send future messages to your users. This is super handy as it acts as a free Facebook lead generator for your business. 

You can even segment your audience based on their location or how they subscribed to your brand. 

In addition, MobileMonkey bots send real-time lead alerts when a prospect is moving through a funnel, so your customer rep can take over quickly to ensure the user reaches the desired goal of the funnel (e.g. buys a product, signs up for your newsletter, participates in a contest, etc).

Besides, MobileMonkey chatbots are mobile-friendly and optimized for cross-device and multi-platform experience. 

Overall, MobileMonkey takes care of your user experience while maintaining your business needs. It uses intelligent solutions to automatically nurture better relationships with your customers and generate leads for you.  

As far as Botsify is concerned, the platform also offers some great features. First off, it provides a data store feature which allows your chatbot to store your users’ information depending on your requirements. 

So you can make a user list of your prospects and use it later for upselling your products or increasing your conversions. 

Moreover, Botsify offers conversational forms that allow you to make a simple form, attach it at any point of your dialogue, and ask it to the user in a conversational manner. The answers in the custom fields will be automatically stored in a Google Sheet, which is really useful if you want to generate leads. 

But you can’t really assign tags to users, which is quite a drawback. The only thing you can do here is use custom fields as a tag by setting the value as ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. 

Finally, Botisfy lets you take over the bot and interact with your users anytime you want. 

Features Verdict 

Both MobileMonkey and Botsify offer a range of useful features that you might want to use for creating and optimizing your chatbot. However, Botsify’s conversation forms are a bit clunky to use, so if you’re ready to work around it, then you might choose any of the platforms depending on your requirements. 

Marketing Capabilities

To start with, MobileMonkey supports Drip Campaigns that allow you to send messages automatically in a scheduled manner. This is really helpful when you want to welcome new users, engage with prospects after they sign up for your newsletter, etc. 

MobileMonkey also offers you the ability to create clean, compelling landing pages to grow your Facebook Messenger contacts. 

It has a landing page creator that you can use to invite people to subscribe to your newsletters, announce a sale or promotion, invite people to sign up via Messenger, etc. 

Additionally, it offers a Comment Guard lead magnet that allows you to grow your Messenger contact list and engagement on your Facebook posts. Basically, it lets you follow up with your engaged commentators with an automatic response in Facebook Messenger. 


Another interesting feature by MobileMonkey is that it offers Facebook Scan Codes that can help you turn in-person connections into online leads. 

For instance, you can create scan codes on your product packaging and when users scan it from their Facebook Messenger app, they’ll automatically be registered as leads in your business communications. 

Now, Botsify also performs quite well in terms of marketing. It allows you to easily add widgets for your website, create and publish landing pages, create use specific URLs and buttons for your chatbot, as well as auto-reply to Facebook comments. 

You can even set specific rules for URLs to show particular messages after a delay or the user has scrolled some percentage of the page.

In addition, Botsify allows you to make scheduled broadcasts and sequences. You can use conditions to send personalized messages to users, based on a specific criteria. 

The only drawback is that while Botsify allows you to create a chatbot in any language, it’s not easy to translate your chatbot to any language. 

Marketing Verdict

Both platforms offer the essential marketing features you might need for your chatbot like the ability to create landing pages, add widgets to your website, etc. But, MobileMonkey takes it up a notch higher with its drip campaigns, comments guard, and scan codes. As a result, we’d recommend MobileMonkey if you’re looking for strong marketing capabilities. 


MobileMonkey supports Zapier integration, which allows you to get access to over 2000+ different apps, tools, and platforms. 

So, you can connect your chatbot to an email service provider such as MailChimp or ActiveCampaign. 

Or you can link it to a customer relationship management (CRM) software like HubSpot or Salesforce. 

Whether you want to integrate with mainstream applications like Google Sheets, Gmail, Google Drive, or connect to specific platforms like Asana, Typeform, Slack, etc, MobileMonkey’s Zapier integration lets you do it all. 

As far as Botsify is concerned, it offers native integration with applications such as Google Sheets, Slack,, etc.

Similar to MobileMonkey, Botsify also lets you connect with various platforms and tools via Zapier. 

Integrations Verdict

Since both platforms support Zapier integration, it pretty much compensates for a lot of platforms and tools that most creators might need. 


MobileMonkey has a wide variety of customer support and training options that helps marketers navigate through the platform. 

Firstly, MobileMonkey offers help docs which consists of in-depth tutorials and step-by-step guides. It also has a dedicated Blog section where they publish articles related to online marketing and chatbots. 

Secondly, it has a Chatbot University with lots of free content including Chatbot tutorials, tools, and resources. 

If you’re a beginner, you’d find this really helpful as they dig deep into each and every aspect of creating, optimizing, marketing, and launching a chatbot. 

Thirdly, MobileMonkye is currently offering a Global Marketing Summit series where you can learn from 50+ high-growth digital leaders about how to scale your business, automate customer communication, run successful Facebook ads, leverage growth marketing, etc. 

Finally, MobileMonkey has a 40K+ strong community on Facebook where you can connect with other marketers, share ideas, and learn more about FB ads marketing. 

If you’re an agency or a small team looking for a dedicated chatbot agency, MobileMonkey lets you do that as well.

Botsify offers a Blog where they regularly publish know-hows, tips, interviews, and more. You can also access their Knowledge Base to learn about the platform more. However, it isn’t as in-depth as MobileMonkey’s Help docs.

Additionally, Botsify has a Facebook Community of 2K+ followers and a YouTube Channel with 1K+ subscribers that you can join. 

Support Verdict

MobileMonkey is clearly the better chatbot builder here as it has a well-established and rich customer support and Help section. Comparatively, Botsify has a smaller base and offers very limited information to help its customers. 

MobileMonkey vs Botsify Pricing

MobileMonkey offers an unlimited Free edition where you can get unlimited contact leads and FB pages and website installs. It comes with features like Drip Campaigns, Browser Notifications, Chatbot Form Widget, Custom Attributes and Tags, etc. 

If you want to access more advanced features, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan. The Pro plan costs $6.75/month when billed annually with 2,000 message sends/mo. 

Next is the PRO Unicorn plan which costs $14.25/month, billed annually with 6,500 message sends/mo. 

The highest pricing package is the Team package which costs $199/month, billed annually with 100,000 message sends/mo.

Botsify offers a 14-day free trial only with a credit card. It’s Personal Plan costs $49/month and allows 5,000 users/month. 

If you’re a professional or want to use multiple websites or facebook pages for your chatbot, you can opt for the Professional plan which costs $149/month. 

The highest pricing package is the Business Plan which costs $499/month best suited for businesses and agencies. 

Pricing Verdict

Overall, MobileMonkey is much more affordable as compared to Botsify. Plus, if you’re a beginner who is just experimenting with chatbots and aren’t that big on chatbot services right now, you’d be better off with MobileMonkey’s free forever plan. 

MobileMonkey vs Botsify – Conclusion

In this article, we discussed all the important features you need to know to choose the right chatbot builder for your brand.

While both MobileMonkey and Botsify share some basic similar features, they have very distinct capabilities and performance. 

MobileMonkey is an easy to use and powerful chatbot builder with plenty of features to help you build and launch your chatbot. Not only does it allow you to create user-friendly chatbots, but also helps you in generating leads, driving more conversions, and scaling your business via excellent customer service with chatbots. 

One of the reasons why MobileMonkey is so popular among marketers and brands is its ease of use and simplicity. 

On the other hand, Botsify follows a more linear approach and offers all the essential tools you might need to create an optimized chatbot. It also helps you in generating leads, but it isn’t as simple or powerful as MobileMonkey. 

That said, it ultimately depends on your business needs, budget, and the features you’re looking for in a chatbot builder. 

We hope you liked this MobileMonkey vs Botsify guide and it helped you select the right chatbot builder for your brand. If you have any questions about these platforms, please feel free to comment down below.

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