Chatbots emerged as one of the most intelligent solutions for personalized marketing. They offer one-on-one interactions with customers in real-time which makes it easier for your customers to reach out to you, get help, and overall have a good customer support experience quickly.

However, with modern competitive businesses, the chatbot landscape has become highly saturated.

There are hundreds of chatbot builders available out there that you can use to build a chatbot for your business. Selecting from top chatbot builders for your business is critical, especially if you want to achieve business goals like offer better customer experience, collect data, generate leads, analyze user behavior, or interaction history. 

But since there are so many chatbot builders available in the market, it can get confusing for a lot of business owners to select the best chatbot builder for their business.

In this guide, we’ll be talking about the 10 top chatbot builders that are widely used by entrepreneurs, SaaS businesses, and individual creators.

We will discuss each bot builder including its features like ease of use, design, flexibility, integration capabilities, as well as its pricing. With this guide, we aim to help you select the best chatbot builder for your business

Who is this guide for?

If you’re looking to build a chatbot for your business or considering migrating your live platform to a different one, you will find this guide very useful as it talks about all the necessary features you need to look for best chatbot builder, their benefits, and drawbacks.

Let’s get started…

What are the Top Chatbot Builders in 2020?


MobileMonkey - Top Chatbot Builders

MobileMonkey is one of the top chatbot builders and is among the most popular ones that lets you build chatbots on Facebook Messenger and manage your entire marketing and lead generation process within a single platform. 

MobileMonkey has an easy to use and interactive interface which makes it super easy to build chatbots and manage your marketing automation – all within a single platform. 

So, you don’t need to have any coding experience or technical skills to get your chatbot up and running – MobileMonkey makes it really easy for you. 

The platform offers ready-to-launch free chatbot templates that can be quickly customized and implemented on Facebook Messenger.  

Moreover, MobileMonkey is widely praised by marketers globally for its lead generation features such as chat blasts, list building, and drip campaigns. 

Its OmniChat technology enables marketers to create a single chatbot funnel that works seamlessly across multiple messaging platforms. Be it qualifying leads, directing visitors to specific products, or capturing leads, MobileMonkey lets you do it all. 

In addition, MobileMonkey allows you to connect any app with Zapier integrations like CRM software, email marketing platforms, SMS messages, webinar platforms, and many others. 

This is an excellent integration that literally lets you connect with thousands of apps in a hassle-free manner. 


  • Easy to use and intuitive platform
  • Extensive suite of chatbot tools and automation
  • Multi-channel chatbot platform on web and mobile app
  • Mobile chat app with advanced support features
  • Powerful Chatbot builder and workflows
  • Works across multiple channels including SMS, web chat, and Messenger and collects all conversations in one inbox
  • Unlimited contacts and leads on all plans
  • Zapier Integration
  • In-depth analytics and reporting
  • Custom live chat handoff triggers for web and mobile inboxes.
  • Huge user community


  • Frequent updates of user interface 

Pricing Plans

MobileMonkey Pricing

Here is a simple breakdown of all the MobileMonkey Pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: MobileMonkey offers a Free plan which includes unlimited contact leads, unlimited Facebook pages & website installs, drip campaigns, chatbot form widget, etc. This plan comes with a handful of essential features that you need to create and manage your chatbots, so if you’re just starting out, you can consider the free plan to build your chatbot.
  • Pro Plan: The Pro plan which costs $6.75/month from MobileMonkey comes with advanced features like better automation tools, scheduled sends, MobileMonkey API, Zapier integration, lead alert, etc. It is more suited for small teams and SaaS businesses who are looking for an easy yet powerful chatbot builder.
  • Pro Unicorn Plan: The Pro Unicorn Plan priced at $14.25/month is ideal for marketers who want to tap into in-depth analytics and data for better lead generation. MobileMonkey offers additional features like Facebook Ads integration, bot analytics, etc for intelligent user behavior tracking.
  • Team Plan: As the name suggests, the Team plan which costs $199/month has pretty much the same features as the Pro Unicorn plan. The major difference is that it offers custom-branded user sign-up and other personalized features that are more ideal for companies and professionals who want to offer a personalized experience to their customers.


Chatfuel is another popular bot builder for Facebook Messenger that aims at simplifying the process of building a chatbot with its clean interface 

The platform boasts about itself as a “no code chatbot platform” which means you don’t need any coding skills to use Chatfuel. 

It is used by some of the most popular business industries including NFL and NBA teams, and publishers like Forbes and TechCrunch. 

Chatfuel offers two different chatbot builders i.e Visual Flow Builder and Block Builder. Both the builders are easy to use and super intuitive which makes it easy to build chatbots. 

Chatfuel offers you the ability to build a chatbot in any language. So, if you have a global audience or want to scale into the international market, you might want to consider this aspect of Chatfuel. 

In terms of marketing, Chatfuel comes with decent features like Facebook widget, landing pages, Facebook Ads, button creator, custom URLs for your chatbot, etc. 

The platform has basic automation tools that are decent enough to target customers and generate leads. Further, you can integrate platforms like Zapier, LiveChat, Integromat, Google Sheets, and Webhooks. 

That said, Chatfuel does have a couple of drawbacks that you must know of. 

For instance, the biggest drawback (in our opinion) is that you can only make a chatbot on Facebook Messenger. This might be annoying for some marketers and users as well.


  • Easy to use and clean interface
  • Pre-designed chatbot templates 
  • No coding experience required 
  • Multilingual bots 
  • Provides integration with other tools 
  • Access all features for up to 5,000 subscribers with the free version


  • Comes with a steep learning curve
  • Limited almost entirely to Facebook Messenger. 
  • Lack of marketing and automation capabilities
  • Limited integrations available in the platform 

Pricing Plans

Chatfuel Pricing

Here is everything you’ll get with all the Chatfuel Pricing Plans:

  • Free: The best part about Chatfuel is that it offers almost all of all its features in its Free plan allowing up to 50 users. This plan is ideal for marketers who want to build a basic chatbot for their business.
  • Pro: The Pro Plan which starts at $15/month comes with advanced features like unlimited users, priority support, cart reminders, precise targeting, etc. It is more suited for advanced marketers who want to unveil the full potential of Chatfuel as a chatbot builder.
  • Premium: The Premium plan is a custom pricing option that includes VIP support, a dedicated account manager, Facebook Ads Setup, white-label, etc. This is best suited for large teams and businesses that want a more personalized experience and expert guidance.


Botsify Chatbot Builder

Botsify is a machine learning chatbot builder that aims to build intelligent virtual assistants for your Facebook pages, website, or messaging apps. 

So, if you’re an advanced creator who has knowledge about coding and want to build a chatbot from scratch, you can use Botsify’s machine learning chatbot builder. 

However, if you’re a beginner with minimal or no coding skills, you can simply use their drag and drop builder to build a chatbot.

Botisfy offers pre-built chatbot templates that are professionally designed from a user experience point of view. They’re clean and modern, and you can easily customize them to meet your requirements. 

Further, the platform specializes in the education sector and you’d find this loud and clear in their templates as well. So, teachers or experts can use chatbot templates offered by Botsify to create their own chatbot and collect data from their students. 

Apart from this, Botsify offers multilingual chatbots to cater to a global audience and help you increase brand awareness and your global footprint in the market. 

As far as marketing features are concerned, Botisfy allows you to send broadcast messages and even schedule them. But that’s all. It doesn’t have any built-in email marketing tools or landing page builder. 

Having said that, Botisfy comes with nice integration features with tools like Facebook Messenger, Shopfify, Alexa, and WordPress. 

Plus, you can also integrate with Zapier and access tons of different tools for email marketing, sales, ecommerce, payment processors, analytics tools, etc. 

An interesting feature that Botsify offers is the Human Handover and Takeover hands the customer over to a real agent when the chatbot fails to help the customer. This is a super handy tool that lets you increase conversions and provide valuable customer support to your users. 

Overall, Botsify has the capabilities to support enterprise-level clients. So whether you’re an individual creator or a business owner, Botisfy comes with decent managed plans to help curate a roadmap for your best chatbot builders experience. 


  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Offers intelligent machine learning capabilities to build smart chatbots 
  • Has a simple drag and drop editor for beginners 
  • Offers pre-designed chatbot templates that can be easily customized.
  • Comes with basic analytics tools
  • Integrates with different tools like Zapier, Facebook Messenger, etc 


  •  Pricing is based on the number of subscribers 
  • Chat capture feature is only available for the free 14-day trial, and that too with a single chatbot 
  • No built-in marketing features 
  • Pricing is very limited and dependent on the number of subscribers 

Pricing Plans

Botsify Pricing

Here is a quick summary of all the Botisfy pricing plans:

  • Personal: The Personal Plan which costs $49/month comes with decent features to build a chatbot. For example, it offers two active chatbots, 5,000 monthly users, third-party integrations, etc. This plan is ideal for individual creators or small scaled Facebook page owners who want to build a chatbot with basic functionalities. 
  • Professional: The next tier is the Professional Plan which costs $149/month. It comes with more advanced features, especially in terms of customer support and thus offer, email support, personal onboarding session, bi-weekly training, etc. This plan is well-suited for advanced creators who want more control over their chatbot building process and want a high priority support.
  • Business: The Business Plan starting at $499/month is designed for small-to-medium scale businesses and agencies who want personal branding, premium support, better integrations, marketing features, etc.
  • Custom: If you still want more functionalities within your chatbot builder, you can go for a custom plan where you can directly interact with Botsify’s team and get a pricing plan especially designed for your needs. 

That being said, most creators would be fine with the personal plan or professional plan. However, if you are a business owner, you might want to consider the higher pricing tiers.



ChatterOn is a great chatbot building platform that stands out from the crowd because it is one of the easiest, quickest and best chatbot builders available in the market. You can literally have your chatbot up and running within five minutes. 

Even though it’s able to build chatbots with lightning speed, it doesn’t hold back on any of the essential features you need to build and manage your chatbot. 

ChatterOn offers 20+ pre-designed chatbot templates that you can quickly grab and install. If you want to customize them, you can do that with its simple builder. 

The platform supports rich content payloads including images, videos, gifs, buttons, and carousels. So, you can make your chatbot more engaging and visually appealing by using different content types and offer a much better user experience to your visitors. 

Besides, ChatternOn allows you to monetize your bot with contextual and relevant advertisements from Radbots. 

ChatterOn has powerful AI and machine learning features that helps you build strong AI-powered chatbots. Plus, you can easily deploy your chatbot under a few minutes directly to the cloud. 

Moreover, the platform is pretty comprehensive in itself and provides end-to-end solutions – right from building the communication flow to setting up AI, ChatterOn lets you do it all. 

As far as integrations are concerned, ChatterOn enables you to link your existing backend APIs with the platform for better integration.

ChatterOn provides all of its features to users for free as long as they don’t exceed 15,000 messages per month. Although this seems like a good deal, we found that the platform has very limited features as compared to other bot builders. 

So, while you can build a bot within minutes using ChatterOn, you’d find some major features lacking from it. For example, it only provides integration with three channels – Facebook Messenger, website, and workplace. 

There are no marketing features available whatsoever. Neither do they have built-in marketing tools or provide integrations with third-party apps like Zapier. 


  • Offers 20+ pre-designed bot templates
  • Simple drag and drop builder 
  • Allows you to create simple bots, as well as complex or advanced bots with the help of APIs
  • All of its features are available for free up to 15,000 messages/month


  • The chatbot builder looks very old and outdated
  • Doesn’t allow you to integrate with third-party apps or platforms for sales and marketing
  • No ability to test your bot unless you connect to Facebook and test it in Messenger. 

Pricing Plans

ChatterOn Pricing

ChatterOn has a very straightforward pricing plan. No fluff, no complexity. So, let’s discuss each of the ChatterOn pricing plans:

  • Free: With the free plan, you get to access all the features along with the ability to create unlimited chatbots. This is fairly good for beginners who have a limited budget and want a very simple chatbot.
  • Business: In the business plan, the pricing is $0.0010/message. If you do the math, it comes out to $15 for 15,000 messages. The only thing here is that you get unlimited messages so the pricing depends on the number of messages you send.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise Plan includes custom development so you can get a customized solution for your business. Businesses and entrepreneurs can consider this option if they choose ChatterOn as their bot builder.


TARS Chatbot Builder

TARS is a very well designed and intuitive bot builder that allows you to create website chatbots as well as conversational landing pages for your website. 

With a simple drag and drop builder, you can easily build your bot with zero development skills or coding knowledge. 

What I like about TARS is that it comes with 800 pre-designed templates for different industries and use cases. 

So, you can create a chatbot for content marketing, lead generation, ordering, checkout process, payment, feedback collection, training, customer support automation, and a lot more. 

Moreover, each template can be customized to align with your design needs. The drag and drop builder is quite smooth and easy to use, so you don’t need to fidget with the bot builder to create your chatbot. 

When it comes to conversation workflow, you can either build one from scratch or use its pre-built templates. Each chatbot conversation has a URL by default, and you can direct it to your ad campaign. 

 Having said that, TARS aims at generating leads and boosting conversion from your chatbot something that most top chatbot builders neglect. 

As far as integrations are concerned, TARS only lets you connect with Zapier. 

Overall, TARS is an excellent bot builder that focuses on increasing your PPC conversion rate and boosting your brand’s engagement with your audience. It’s a great option to consider for both beginners and advanced creators.


  • Easy to use drag and drop builder 
  • Offers 800+ pre-built templates for your chatbot
  • Helps improve lead generation and conversion with its workflows 
  • Connects with Zapier


  • Limited integrations available in the platform 
  • Doesn’t offer advanced sales and marketing features

Pricing Plans

Tars Pricing

TARS offers three pricing plans with different features and lead conversion capabilities. However TARS pricing plans aren’t very flexible and there’s a steep rise from its Professional to Business plan. So there’s no middle ground here really.  

But, if you want to build a test chatbot and understand the platform better, you can also sign up for a free 14-day trial

Now, let’s quickly go through TARS pricing plans and understand which one would suit you the best.

  • Professional: The Professional plan priced at $99/month is well-designed for beginners who want decent conversion capabilities. In this plan, you get 5 chatbots, 1,000 chats/month and 1 chatbot designed by a TARS expert.
  • Business: The next tier is the Business Plan which costs $499/month. It offers advanced features such as the ability to send leads to the CRM, custom design bots, etc. This plan is ideal for advanced creators and businesses who want to focus more on building a personalized chatbot along with lead conversion rates.
  • Enterprise/Agency: This is a custom plan where you get access to all the features of TARS along with priority support. It is designed specifically for large scale organizations.

IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant is one of the most intelligent bot builders available out there. It leverages AI technology to understand historical chat, call logs, and analyze them to direct users to a certain conversation path or channel. 

For instance, IBM Watson can automatically direct when to provide a direct answer, when to refer the user to a search engine for better results, and when to hand over things to a human rep. 

While IBM Watson Assistant isn’t the easiest chatbot builder to use, it does provide a pretty simple and intuitive visual editor that lets creators with minimal or no coding skills get started without any hassle. 

Each chatbot you build with IBM Watson is powered by natural language understanding (NLU) with AI at its core. 

So, the bot automatically identifies new topics your customers might be interested in, highlights issues in training data, and incorporates autocorrection into user interactions. 

Once you build your chatbot, you can deploy it anywhere – on-premise or on cloud. While this feature is great for enterprises and gives them better control over their messaging channels, it isn’t as important when it comes to individual creators and small business owners. 

Finally, IBM Watson Assistant offers the ability to connect with different channels including messaging channels like Slack, Facebook, website, phone, kiosk, etc. 

IBM Watson isn’t your run-off-the-mill chatbot builder with simple features and tools. Rather it goes beyond the basic functionalities and really taps into the advanced AI and NLU to build intelligent chatbots. 

It is more well-suited for advanced creators and businesses that want to create powerful chatbots with smart integrations. If you’re a beginner, you could try out other bot builders like MobileMonkey (discussed earlier in the article). 


  • Easy to use user interface
  • Pre-built content to make it easier and quicker for creators to build chatbots
  • Smart AI and NLU powered chatbots 
  • Offers tons of integrations 
  • Ensures data privacy, and compliance with GDPR and HIPPA


  • Isn’t very suitable for beginners and individual creators 
  • No built-in marketing and sales integration 

Pricing Plans

IBM Watson Assistant Pricing

IBM Watson has a nice pricing plan with four different tiers. Here is what you should know about them:

  • Lite: The Lite Plan is absolutely free of cost and offers all the essential features you need to build and deploy your chatbot. It’s great for creators who want to take a test run of the platform and see if it suits them.
  • Plus: The next tier is the Plus Plan which costs $120/month for 1,000 users/month. This is certainly not a cheap option but IBM allows you to try its Plus plan for free for 30 days.

Compared to other bot builder pricing plans in this list, IBM is a bit expensive, but again, you don’t get such smart and intelligent AI features with other bot builders. So, it’s pretty understandable why it is at the higher end and absolutely worth it.

  • Premium: If you’re still not happy with the Plus plan, you can upgrade to their Premium plan. The main feature of this pricing plan is the ability to build chatbots for critical and complex applications.

So, unless you want to build highly advanced assistants for your organization, we’d recommend you to consider a lower plan.

  • Deploy Anywhere: This plan is more specific for enterprises and lets you build a robust assistant on your cloud or behind your firewall. Again, this plan isn’t suited for individual creators or small business owners who are just getting started.



Rasa is quite different from other bot builders in terms of what it has to offer when it comes to chatbot building and integrations. It’s not your run off the mill drag-and-drop chatbot builder, neither does it provide any exception integrations for managing your entire workflow from a single platform. 

Rasa is an open-source application with its code available in the Github repositories. This means you can own and download your code. 

Powered by machine learning, NLU, and AI, Rasa is a robust chatbot builder that allows you to create complex smart assistants. 

It can turn free-from text in any language into structured data. Plus, it supports single and multiple intents and both custom and pre-trained entities. 

When it comes to customization, advanced developers love Rasa because it offers a lot of customization options, allowing them to create unique AI-based text or voice assistants. 

However, the platform isn’t beginner-friendly and you need to have requisite technical skills to be able to use it. 

Nonetheless, Rasa offers the most comprehensive documentation sets and online community support to help creators who are new to the platform. However, if you’re a beginner, you’ll experience a steep learning curve. 

Talking about Rasa’s marketing and sales capabilities, it integrates with CRMs and sales automation tools to generate leads and drive conversions. Also, it connects with messaging channels such as Facebook, Slack, custom channels, etc.

Moreover, you can customize and train language models to understand industry-specific terms, which is a super handy tool that can help you provide a better user experience to your customers. 

As far as deployment is concerned, Rasa lets you deploy your bot on-premise as well as on cloud. 

Overall, Rasa is a great chatbot builder with exceptional AI capabilities. We’d recommend this bot builder for advanced creators who have coding skills or businesses that are looking to build contextual bots that really improve customer experience. 


  • It is a very powerful bot builder with intelligent features 
  • Ability to integrate with CRMs and sales automation tools 
  • Integrations with messaging channels 
  • Has an engaging online community 
  • Offers great support to its users 
  • Has two free plans 


  • Not a beginner-friendly tool 
  • Doesn’t offer a lot of third-party integrations 

Pricing Plans

Rasa Pricing

Rasa is almost free to use with two of its pricing plans available for free. It’s only when you choose their Enterprise plan do you get to pay a fee. So, if you’re on a strict budget and want a powerful assistant, you might want to consider Rasa for the job.

Having said that, let’s get an overview of Rasa pricing plans: 

  • Rasa Open Source: With this plan, you can build contextual AI assistants by using basic features like interactive learning, integration with messaging channels and APIs, etc. It is a good plan to get started and understand the platform better.
  • Rasa X: Along with the basic features in the Open Source Plan, RASA X offers some advanced features like annotate conversations, version and manage models, deploy anywhere, etc. This is well-suited for advanced creators who want to leverage the intelligent solutions of Rasa.
  • Rasa Enterprise: This is the only paid plan that Rasa offers as of now. It provides all its features including analytics, single sign-on, role-based access control, etc. We’d recommend this plan for businesses that have the resources.and want to tap into the full potential of the platform.



Pandorabots is one of the more mature chatbot builders in the market that is open-source and uses AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language). It’s a great platform for building and experimenting with different types of assistants. 

The platform definitely comes with a steeper learning curve as compared to several other bot builders and you’ll need to have decent coding skills to use it. This will give you a huge amount of flexibility, and give you complete control over how and what you want to build. 

While Pandorabots is certainly not the best bot builder for beginners, it has a solid interface that lets seasoned developers build bots quickly. 

Pandorabots lets you build contextual bots with its intelligent AIML and context-aware features. 

Plus, it allows you to iterate your code rapidly in the continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipeline, chat logs, version control, etc. You can also add speech-to-text and text-to-speech in your bot without any hassle. 

It is a multi-lingual bot builder so you can write AIML scripts in any natural language. Besides, you can deploy your chatbot on your own website, mobile apps, as well as many popular messaging applications. 

Pandorabots also provides RESTful APIs to integrate with other systems and applications. 

So if you want to build high performance bots and have lots of flexibility at the same time, Pandorabots is a great option to consider. 


  • Really powerful bot builder that lets you build contextual bots
  • Allows you to iterate in the CI/CD pipeline enabling better and continuous upgrades
  • Open source platform, so you can own and download your code 
  • Voice enabled for text-to-speech and speech-to-text
  • Offers free documentation and training
  • Integrates with external knowledge sources
  • RESTful APIs


  • The use of pure AIML can be limiting for beginners 
  • No built-in sales or marketing features

Pricing Plans

Pandorabots has quite a flexible pricing plan with four tiers including one free and three paid plans. 

Besides, the platform offers a 2-week trial for its Developer and Pro plan which allows users to explore the platform and see if it suits their business requirements. 

Here is a quick run through Pandorabots pricing plans:

  • Sandbox: The Sandbox is a free plan which comes with all the essential tools you need to build a chatbot like development sandbox, open source platform, and decent support options.
  • Developer: As you move to the next tier, you get access to advanced features like third party channels, channel messages, API access, landing pages, etc. Priced at only $19/month, the Developer Plan is a great option for seasoned developers wanting to build smart assistants.
  • Pro: The pro plan costs $199/month and offers more features and flexibility to the developer. It is well-suited for small scaled organizations and teams that have the resources to manage such powerful bots.
  • Enterprise: Finally, Pandorabots has a custom plan called the Enterprise plan with premium support features, better training, etc. 
Pandorabots Pricing



Dialogflow is powered by Google Cloud that lets you build-once and deploy everywhere a development suite for building chatbots for websites, popular messaging platforms, mobile applications, and IoT devices. 

Since it is hosted on Google Cloud’s platform, it provides one of the most flexible platforms for scalability. This means Dialogflow can be used for various business sizes – right from small scaled startups to large organizations. 

It provides an integrated code editor that allows users to natively build serverless apps linked to your chatbot via cloud functions. Alternatively, you can also provide your own custom WebHook to host on-premise or on cloud. 

Additionally, Dialogflow offers an automated phone service that allows you to add a dedicated phone number to your support rep in less than a minute. 

Moreover, Dialogflow supports 20+ languages and one-click integration with 14 different platforms. 

Apart from this, Dialogflow offers some really nice features that could amp up your chatbot’s performance. 

For instance, Dialogflow does sentiment analysis for each user to better understand customer queries and hand over users to live agents if unsatisfied. Powered by Cloud Natural Language, this is one of the most powerful features that you can get in the top chatbot builders. 

Along with this, Dialogflow also offers built-in analytics to give you insights into your conversational interactions so that you can optimize your chatbot to respond better to user intents. 

Overall, Dialogflow is an excellent one of the best chatbot builders that comes with tons of features and capabilities to let you run a full-fledged chatbot.


  • Powered by Google Cloud, so it’s extremely powerful
  • Easy to use visual editor 
  • Intelligent solutions with features like user sentiment analysis
  • Great marketing and sales capabilities 
  • Comes with built-in analytics 
  • Supports multiple languages and one-click integrations 


  • It has a complex pricing scheme 

Pricing Plans

Dialogflow takes a different approach when it comes to pricing plans. There are three different pricing tiers divided into two categories: Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. 

While standard edition takes care of all your essential needs to get started with the platform and build a chabot, the enterprise edition includes advanced features and tools that are more aligned towards organizational needs. 

With that, let’s have a look at the different pricing plans that Dialogflow offers:

  • Standard Edition: The first pricing plan is the standard edition which is basically a free plan with limited quota on the features. It’s a decent plan if you’re just getting started, and it offers more than what other platforms do with their Free plan.
  • Essentials Plan: This plan is a part of the enterprise edition and offers more flexibility and control over the platform. Each feature is priced separately, and it increases as you scale.
  • Plus Plan: The plus plan is also a part of the enterprise edition and is somewhat similar to the essentials plan, but only more expensive. Again, each feature is charged separately and the cost increases as you scale. 
Dialogflow Pricing



Drift is not just a chatbot builder, rather it offers a lot of different products such as account based marketing, meetings, mobile apps, etc. 

The Driftbot is pretty easy to set up with pre-built templates that you can customize according to your needs. Alternatively, you can even build a custom chatbot to tailor it to your requirements. 

Driftbot automatically lets you capture, qualify as well as de-qualify leads based on user actions, and conversations. When a lead is qualified, it sends it to a sales rep, who then can follow up with the lead quickly. 

What I like about Drift is that it offers some really cool features that can make a significant impact on user experience. 

For example, Drift’s chatbot connects to your sales teams’ calendar and pulls out availability and automatically book meetings when a lead is qualified. 

Or, if you have a VIP lead for your business, you could have your chatbot intelligently send a personalized welcome message to VIPs when they visit your website. 

Drift also provides automated messaging so you can easily automate activities with a chatbot. 

Moreover, it has proper marketing and sales automation features that let you tap into your target audience, generate leads and ultimately, drive sales.

Finally, Drift is a decent bot builder with a wide range of features. It strikes the balance between ease of use and advanced features to build chatbots for your business. 

Note: It’s still less powerful than other bot builders like MobileMonkey, Chatfuel, etc. 


  • Easy to set up with no learning curve 
  • Decent lead generation features 
  • Offers marketing and sales features 
  • Manages complex customer queries via tickets 
  • Integrates with other business systems 


  • Pricing is extremely high as compared to other bot builders that offer similar features 
  • Both mobile application and web chat have bugs 
  • No support for messaging channels (SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc)

Pricing Plans

As mentioned earlier, Drift is very expensive as compared to its competitor platforms, given the features it offers. There are mainly four pricing plans including a free plan and three paid plans. 

Let’s have a look at what each of these plans offer:

  • Free: The free plan only allows you to have 100 contacts and offers minimal features. We found this plan to be very limiting and so if you’re on a budget or want to explore this tool, you’d have to upgrade eventually to understand the platform better and actually be able to use it.
  • Essential: You get basic features and tools to build and manage your chatbot in this plan. Priced at $400/month the essential plan is not a very reasonable option to consider.
  • Premium: The Premium Plan costs $1,500/month which is quite exorbitant and not practical for a chatbot builder. Unless you’re a large organization that can afford this pricing plan, we wouldn’t recommend it to individual creators or even small-scaled businesses.
  • Enterprise: This is a custom plan that includes drift automation and audiences to boost sales and marketing efforts. 
Drift Pricing

Wrapping it Up

When it comes to enhancing your customer experience and generating leads, you can’t afford to build chatbots that get stuck on queries or keep on giving the same answers over n over until it frustrates your customer. 

When you select from the top chatbot builders for your business, make sure you pay attention to two things: 

  • Chatbot building capabilities- Does it have a drag and drop visual editor? How easy is it to use? Does it have pre-built templates? How much customization can you do within the editor? 
  • AI features – Does your bot builder use powerful AI to drive conversations? Does the platform hand over customers to human agents when required? Can you navigate the user to a different page within your website, a search engine, or helpdesk? 

So, make sure you choose a chatbot builder carefully and before you do it, test it out to find if it fits your business requirements. 

Each of the ten platforms mentioned can help you generate targeted leads and take your conversion rate to the next level. Now it’s up to you to decide which one is the ideal platform for your business. 

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